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China Dispatch is a bi-monthly magazine giving you the lowdown all things China—views, news, culture, stories, and society. We bring you in-depth reporting on all the things that matter in the modern Middle Kingdom, from science and society to culture and cuisine. For history buffs, we tell the primeval tales of ancient China and give you a peek into what has made China the country it is today. 

For our more cultured readers, we bring you original, never-before-seen fiction from some of China’s most innovative writers and works from some of the nation’s leading artists, be they traditionalists or modern performance artists. Our investigative reporters, both in-house and around the globe, get to the heart of the issues facing China today, giving you the information you need to survive and thrive in China’s fast-paced modern miracle. 

A yearly subscription for $ 16.99 includes six issues of China Dispatch and an additional supplement issues. Individual issues are $ 2.99 an issue. 
China Dispatch includes:

       - Features with in-depth and investigative reporting
       - Interviews with Chinese opinion-shapers and news-makers

       - Experienced travel writers and photographers to entertain and inform

       - Art, fiction, films, books, and humor that will keep you abreast of all things China

       - Tales of ancient China that range from food to sex and from comedy to wuxia

       - A user-friendly interface that helps you read and explore at your own pace

       - Language guides that teach you everything from contemporary slang to ancient script

A subscription features new content every month; each new issue is followed by a theme-based supplement featuring content only available to our China Dispatch subscribers. If you’ve got an itch that other China-related newspapers and magazines can’t scratch, then China Dispatch is for you. What are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

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